calls from the couch

I’m pretty sure I just heard Obed fall out of bed.

And I’m pretty sure it would take blood curtling screams for me to go check it out.

Today has been one of those days, (which honestly feels like… a  lot of days… many days… most days) when I’m on my last thread of patience.  And at multiple points during the day, that last thread meets its end and I am left with no patience.  I’m mainly surviving, not thriving, and trying semi successfully to stay above water.

That was today.  And other days this week.

I don’t have a story to tell tonight.  No funny antidote that made the day salvageable that I can tell about.  I just have me, sitting on the couch, end of day, no energy.  I have no ambition to pick up toys.  There’s a napkin on the floor by the dining room table that I’m pretty darn sure will still be there in the morning.  Obed’s chair is filled with left over pancakes that was supper tonight.  That will still be there tomorrow too.  Dang, we need a dog.

Jeff is gone again tonight.  My least favorite nights.  I got four kids in pajamas.  Technically, two kids in pajamas.  One kid I had to coach, one kid just did it on their own.  Made them pick up all the books strewn across the bedroom floor which were making it impossible to walk.  “MAMA WHY DO YOU MAKE US ALWAYS PICK EVERYTHING UP??”  Because I’m the meanest of mothers.  Made every single one brush their teeth amidst howls of protest and “WHY DO WE HAVE TO BRUSH OUR TEETH EVERY NIGHT??”  Oh the horror.  I did manage one story, because today is Good Friday and you kind of have to read the story.  Shortest prayer ever.  Every one gets a kiss.

Questions start.  “When will Daddy be home?  Will he snuggle us when he gets home?  Can I call Daddy?”

“Ok only one more question.”

I don’t even remember the question.  It was probably about Daddy.

“OK that was the last question.  No more questions.”

My parting words… “Obed, DO NOT get out of bed.”

Light off.  Door shut.  Downstairs, fall on the couch.

That’s it.

This is just me venting.  It really serves no purpose and I probably sound like I’m whining, which I am.  I’m worn out and tired.  I’m not even going to post this on Facebook.  If you’re reading this, it’s because you must truly find my blog interesting and have checked to see if I’ve posted anything.  Bless you, my One Faithful Reader, bless you.

Good night.


5 thoughts on “calls from the couch

  1. Ahhhh! I hope you are feeling better, Janell. Let the Lord Jesus lift you up and and put his loving arms around you as He also watches over the kids and Jeff. =) Let the angels sing again.

  2. And bless you, Janell, for doing what you do. The MOST important job in the world – shaping little humans into grown up, respectful, faithful adults. We are going to need to rely on them to take the reins one day. Thank you!! Praying for patience and energy for you. 🙂

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