Camper Living

So I live in a camper. Yes, that’s right, a camper. And not just any camper, it’s a fifth wheel…with pop-outs. Whoa. In the world of campers, that’s a big deal. Remember fourth grade when you spent recess playing MASH… and every little girl always hoped for the mansion and dreaded getting the shack? Well, fate has it that I ended up one step up from the shack… I got a camper. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, so I’ll just say it, “camper living isn’t that bad”. Let me make my case. For example, if I left a book I wanted to read in the living room and I’m already in bed, it’s only 5 steps to retrieve the desired item. Cleaning takes 10 minutes. Everything is built in. This brings me to my second point, campers really are a designing masterpiece. Take 200 square feet and try to fit in a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom… it’s amazing. It reminds me of a project I had to do in college… if only I had thought to study the amazing specimen that is a camper. These things have storage in the most interesting spots- under seats, under beds, above everything… I mean, really, how many of you actually have a dining room table that can convert to a bed?? That’s what I thought. How many of you actually WANT a dining room table that converts to a bed is another question. I will say the one down side of camper living is the shower. Try taking a shower in a 2’x2′ plastic cube. Not fun. Do I miss living in a real house? Some times. But for now, I look at it as a good story I can tell in 25 years.