Obed’s Christmas Stocking

Today I made a Christmas stocking for Obed.

Three years ago, while pregnant with Oakley, I made our family Christmas stockings.  I must have been having some major nesting urges because the Christmas stockings I made where nothing to sneeze at… if I do say so myself.  We knew baby #2 was a boy and his name would be Oakley.  I had wanted the kids to have stockings that would graphically illustrate their names.  Jeff and my stockings would just use the same elements so they would all match… because really, how do you graphically depict “Jeff” and “Janell”?  I’m not even really sure what our names mean.  Anyway…

So I came up with four different designs that incorporated trees (Oakley) and birds (Ava).  I bought red corduroy for the stockings, but everything else came from scraps at home.  The inner lining- made from left over material from the wrap my mom made me for my wedding.  Feathery trim- left over from the same wrap.  And all the other elements  were scraps from various projects.  The stockings turned out just as I had hoped and dreamed and not a minute too soon as Oakley was born right before Christmas that year.

Then after the first of the year, Ava started talking about a baby named Obed.  And talking.  And talking.  And talking.

I started thinking if this Obed ever joined our family, he’d need his own Christmas stocking… and I was thinking about this way before Christmas time… and way before the conception of Obed.  I’m not kidding.  It was really bothering me!  The thought of Obed, a child who at that point was just a name my three year old kept mentioning, whom we had no intention of even attempting to make happen any time soon because we couldn’t handle what life was at that point… the thought of this non-existant child not having a Christmas stocking like everyone else, it was taking up precious real estate in my already over taxed mind!  I had lots of other BIG things on my plate at the time, but that Christmas stocking would pop it’s head up every once in a while, reminding me that someday, I’d better figure out a way to make it a whole matching set.

So one day, TWO YEARS AGO, I was walking by the fabric section at Walmart.  Because the Christmas stocking that I possibly would have to make sometime in the next 10 years was always somewhere in the back of my head, I decided to swing through the isle that day, just to see if the same red corduroy I had bought the year before was still there.  It was!  So I got myself a yard.  Whew.  At least now the stockings would all match and my maniac tenancies about the Christmas stocking could take a rest for a while.

That red corduroy has sat in the fabric drawer for two years, waiting for Obed.

I finally took it out today.

Making Obed’s Christmas stocking today was like a day long conversation with God.  While I sewed, I thought about how God told us two years in advance that Obed would be coming… through a little two year old girl.  I thought about waiting for Obed, wanting to meet him more and more as time passed, and the certainty that he would one day join our family growing more and more.  I thought about the promise of JOY that would come with him.  I thought about the leap my heart took when I found out I was pregnant with him and the joy that flooded me learning that the baby was a BOY… OUR OBED!  He was coming!  Mostly I thought about all the things God has told me over my life time, promised me, shown me; and how He has never once come up short on his word.  A few times He’s come up SLOW, but never short.

This Christmas there will be five MATCHING stockings to hang on our mantle.

I told Jeff I have enough red corduroy for one more stocking… just in case.  He mostly rolled his eyes at me.


Obed’s stocking in process