The Terrible Threes

The kid books all talk about the terrible twos, but everyone I’ve ever talked to knows it’s really all about the terrible threes.

I feel like we kind of missed out on this a bit with Ava; mainly because when Ava turned three, there was too much other stuff to deal with to notice adverse behavior.  Everything she was dealing with was hard, so it wasn’t a surprise when she would breakdown.

Oakley, we are discovering, has turned out to be the classic example of the terrible threes.  It seems like the day after his birthday it all started to come out.  I should have been writing these down from the beginning because it’s pretty funny.  Here are a few examples of  Oakley’s “Terrible Threes”

* At supper tonight, Oakley wanted an ice cube added to his soup to cool it down.  He then sobbed because his ice cube melted.

* Emotional breakdown because I told him he could not drink his soup from the bowl.

* Sunday walking into church, sobbing because Jeff had gone ahead and was was not walking with him.

* At breakfast, requested powdered greens in his juice.  Sobbed because I gave him powdered greens in his juice.

* At nap time, wanted to go read a book.  Sobbed because it was time to read a book.

* At lunch, requested a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Sobbed because I made him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

* Getting ready to go outside, sobbed because he wasn’t sure his Lightening McQueen hat was facing the right direction.

There have been many more happenings, but I can’t remember them all.  For sure I’ll be writing these down.