The Rest of the Story

To get the whole picture, you have to know who I am…Janell Trotter now Janell Hirschoff. I won’t go into every detailed detail, but who I am now comes out of everything in life up to now. So, without further adue…

  • It was a cold winter’s day in February1979… enter…me.
  • Next 18 years spent as a country kid living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere literally. I grew up 22 miles from any sort of civilization. The closest being Edgemont, SD a large metropolis of 850. Get this- my first two years of schooling were spent in a one room country school house straight out of Little House on the Praire. There was no running water, only a water pump, outhouses only (labeled “Boys” and “Girls”) and we had one teacher. I brought our cat with her new baby kittens to show and tell once. This childhood, along with my parents, has had a huge impact me… in the most positive way.
  • Age 5: Jesus steals my heart and I’ve been his ever since. Everything you read in this blog is because I’m trying to follow him with everything that is in me. It’s not dorky or constricting, limiting or hollow; following Jesus has been the most adventurous and exciting event of my existance.
  • Age 18: move to Fort Collins CO to attend Colorado State University (go Rams)… they make you say that every time you say Colorado State University (go Rams). I have met the most incredible people while at CSU and in the years following graduation. Leaving Fort Collins has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…
  • Age 27: I somehow found myself married… to one awesome guy I might add. I am one of the lucky ones who has found someone who shares my life’s passion… to change the world!
  • Age 28: after 7 months of marriage, I choose to move far, far away to a distant land that doesn’t even seem like it’s in America because of how backwards everything is in this place… that being New Orleans.
  • Age 29 and beyond: that is still being written…

One thought on “The Rest of the Story

  1. Janell, you are a GREAT writer! I can’t believe I’ve never read any of your posts before, but I couldn’t stop reading until I devoured everything you had written out here…You seriously need to consider putting this into book form and selling millions of copies – especially since I’ve finished the free version (haha)!

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