Good Morning Thanksgiving

6:17am and I wake up to little footsteps coming into our room.  Ava is awake.  I listen as the little steps make their way over to Jeff’s side of the bed, which is normal and makes me very, very happy.  The little foot steps usually find their way over to Daddy’s side of the bed most times and that’s A-Okay with me.  I’m expecting to hear a whispered declaration of some sort, but instead hear three very loud toots.  I don’t know what it is with Ava’s digestive system lately; the girl has had some major gas!  These toots were extra juicy.

Within seconds, I hear Oakley start to squirm.  With all the craziness with Ava, Oakley has yet to transition into his crib in their room and he still sleeps in a pack n play in our room.  He starts to murmur and rustle and any hope of more sleep has quickly vanished.  Jeff says something to Ava about waking Oakley up.

“But Daddy!  That’s what little girls DO… they wake up their little brothers with their bum.  With their toots!”

Well, there you have it… in case you did not know that’s what little girls do.

Happy Thanksgiving all.