Poke Pig

During Ava’s very first visit to the big city hospital after she was diagnosed, she received a stuffed pig.  This pig had an IV, heart EKG sticker, band aide, and came with a stethoscope.  The purpose of the pig was for the nurses or doctors to demonstrate any new procedures first on the pig before they were done on Ava.  I think Ava had a love/ hate relationship with Pig.  Over time, his presence in our house has mellowed and he’s adopted the name Poke Pig, because he has a perpetual poke in his arm.

I came home on Saturday from an outing to find Jeff and the kids outside playing in the front yard.  I sat down next to Jeff on the front step.

“Hey, you should take a whiff of the kids.  They smell pretty good.”

This I immediately took as an indication they had gotten into something… “something” generally being lotion based on past experience.  Well not this time.  “They found your perfume.”  Oh boy.  “Poke Pig got a pretty good spraying.

“Pretty good spraying” come to find out, means he got squirted with HALF THE BOTTLE!  Later on in the day, Jeff found an empty bottle of our “salt spray deodorant”.

“Why is this empty bottle in the hall closet?”  Jeff asked me later.

“Ummm, it shouldn’t be empty… it was the last full one we had.  AVA!!!”

Ava is still at the age where she doesn’t know how to lie yet.  If you ask her a question, she’ll give you the honest answer every time.

“Ava, what happened with this spray bottle?”

“We used in on Poke Pig.”


“Well, yeah!”

Poke Pig has been airing out in the kitchen for a few days now.  He’s quite aromatic.  You get a whiff of him everytime you walk by.  Tonight Jeff came home from work and after a few minutes in the kitchen he said, “That’s the best smelling pig I think I’ve ever smelled.”

True statement.  He will probably never stink again.


Potty Training – Day 4

While the day is not over, I’d better get this down now before the craziness of tomorrow takes over the night.

Perhaps our three day potty training boot camp was not a bust after all.  I could possibly become the new endorser for Lora Jensen’s method.  While yesterday ended on a VERY low note (at 6pm both Jeff and I were wondering if bedtime could come any faster), today has shown vast improvements.

Oakley woke up dry this morning after sleeping all night.  I had made sure to start restricting his liquids at about 5:30pm last night so he’d not have much stored up for over night.  He woke me up this morning calling out “Yucky!  Yucky!” which I thought couldn’t mean anything good, but when I went to get him, he was still dry as a button.  We went straight to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to sit down so I didn’t make him.  After about 20 minutes his eyes got really wide, he stamped his feet a couple times and said “POTTY!” (which sounds a lot like ‘baby’, ‘puppy’, ‘monkey’…. so that’s a bit hard to decipher.  Good thing there was a little dance that accompanied the declaration.)  We rushed in and, hallelujah, a total success.  By noon time he still had the same undies on from the night before and three victories in the potty.  WHAT?!?!  It’s a miracle!

We did have one undie change before I had to leave for an appointment at 12:45, but that was due to not making it for a poo.  I had high hopes for an all day victory today, but Oaks had a couple accidents while I was gone.  This is partially due to the fact that I’ve made vast improvements in knowing when Oakley is telling me he has to go potty and our poor sitter hadn’t been to the boot camp all weekend.  He did tell her once that he had to go though, which I thought was awesome.

While we aren’t at the point yet of being ready to make any big outings, things have really come along today.  I honestly am a little shocked.

In my four years of parenting, potty training continues to be one of the highlights for me.  The first time Ava actually had a success on the potty, I don’t think I could ever feel more proud of her than I did that day.  Even if she gets accepted into Harvard, I don’t think I could feel more pride than I did seeing the look on her face when she realized what she had just done.  There is something incredibly gratifying about teaching your child this skill, especially when it finally clicks.  Plus, there is nothing cuter than a little bum in little tiny undies.  Now, this past weekend was a bit of hell.  Jeff gave it a rating of 2 on a scale of 1-10.  But today, I’d say an 8.

Too bad Jeff had to miss all the glory.  He was pretty excited to get out of the potty boot camp though… so excited he left at like 5:30 this morning.  So since I had to remain in the trenches, I say too bad.  He also missed out on all the Oakley snuggles.  Oaks has become a little more like a monkey on the hip… much more attached than normal.  But also so much more grown up than normal too.  It seems like with learning the potty skill, his verbal skills advanced too.  Sheesh, they just grow up so fast!  Pretty much not sad to leave the diapering behind… for 6 months anyway.  Then it will start all over again.

So today there is still hope!  Onward, potty warriors, onward!

Potty Training – Day 3

I have realized two things… this process would be a lot easier if we had a main floor bathroom.   And, Oakley is an ornery little cuss.

This morning Oakley woke up not dry and not in the mood to participate in potty training.  He seemed to have developed an aversion to the potty chair overnight and didn’t want to sit on it at all.  He even stopped saying when he had to go potty.  However, like yesterday, he seemed to give signals he had to go every 10 minutes.  So up and down the stairs we would go.  IT’S EXHAUSTING!  Even more so when there isn’t any payoff for it.  Our book says to stay the course and try not to show frustration.  It’s a good thing both me and Jeff are home today.  Heaven help us.  We took ten minute shifts.

Oakley did have a few successes today and was pretty excited about them, but three laundry loads of failures too.  Oy.  He’s a tougher nut to crack than Ava was.

So Day 3 ends and I’d say with a definite NO, not potty trained yet.  Jeff said we have two choices:  stop now and wait two months or persevere through the week.   At this point, I think we will persevere.

Jeff is overjoyed to be returning to work.  I’m hoping for the best tomorrow.  Sheesh, wish me luck!

The real question I have tonight is… why the heck did I decided to blog about this whole debacle??

Potty Training – Day 2

Today started out strong!  Oakley woke up DRY after a whole night of sleeping!  WHAT?!?!?  That was so awesome!  After a couple trips to the potty, he had his first huge success!  He filled that sucker right up!  There was lots of cheering and high five-ing going on.  I’m pretty sure Oaks was feeling pretty dang proud of himself.  We were sure proud of him too.

Then for the next… I don’t know… hour and a half? it sure seemed like a LONG time, it was a trip to the potty every 5 minutes.  He kept telling us he had to go and acting like it too, but nothing ever happened.  Something was going to happen, whether it be on the floor or in the potty.  Happily, it FINALLY happened IN THE POTTY!!  Hooray!  Day 2 is off to an awesome start.

We continued our happy trend through lunch time, with only a couple misses.  Jeff had taken Oaks upstairs for another potty run and Ava and I were finishing up lunch down stairs.  Jeff hollers downstairs… “Poo-poo!”  That was a first and earned him two gummies.  So stinking proud of Oakley.

Then after his nap, things went down hill.  There were no more successes for the rest of the day.  It gets frustrating when you think they are catching on and then it’s like all the know-how just goes right out the window.  So we ended the day on a bit of a down.  But, I’m hoping for another good night and hopefully a fresh start to tomorrow.

Aside from the potty training, we had a really fun day together.  Since we weren’t going to be going to church today, Jeff suggested we have church at home.  This basically ment singing some kids worship songs and reading a bible story.  Jeff put the music on and we got out some of our instruments… a drum, xylophone, recorder, egg shaker, and tambourine.  While the songs played, we played along with our instruments.  Oakley banged the drum, Ava played the xylophone.  After a couple songs Ava found it more effective to dance and twirl.  It was a super sweet time and I know the Holy Spirit was there with us.  Regular church had nothing on our house today.

This afternoon while Oakley napped, Jeff and Ava went to play Frisbee golf… Jeff gets a little stir-crazy being couped up at home for three days.   Both came back happy.  I’m glad Ava can have some dedicated Daddy time.  And I got a long nap.  It’s a win-win.  We ended the night with a guitar sing along, which for us, means the two songs Jeff knows.  He let Ava and Oakley strum the guitar while he did the cords.  During Ava’s turn, she started singing 10,000 Reasons which really melted my heart.

A note on Ava… Jeff and I have been so proud of her the last couple days.  She has been genuinely excited for Oakley to potty train.  She is encouraging to him, excited for his successes and hasn’t even whined about the fact that he gets a gummy when he pottys and she doesn’t.  Instead, she is excited to be the one to give it to him.  What a little girl we have.

Seven years ago today, Jeff asked me to marry him.  I was thinking about that today as we ate our lunch of frozen pizza, carrots and cucumbers… half healthy, mostly delicious.  Seven years!  And now we are potty training our SECOND kid together.  Pretty sure that wasn’t even on my radar seven years ago.  And yet, here we are.

Hoping for more potty success tomorrow!