Ladybug is Red

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a green friend.  So Ladybug loves green too.

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a yellow friend.  So Ladybug loves yellow too.

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a blue friend.  So Ladybug loves blue too.

Repeat with brown and white.  Ladybug loves all the colors.

“Ladybug Is Red”.  This is probably the most frustrating book we own.  It started with Ava.  I would read this book to her and because we were trying to learn colors, every page I would ask “OK, Ava, what color is Ladybug’s friend?”  Since she could never seem to get that straight, I thought I would simplify it.  Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a green friend.  So Ladybug loves green too.  “OK Ava, what color is LADYBUG?”  Ummmmmm…. blue.  “No.  Ladybug is RED.  Ladybug loves RED.”  What color is Ladybug?  Ummmmm….. brown!  No Baby.  Ladybug is RED.

Geez.  Ava finally did learn her colors.  Ladybug almost got tossed in the trash in the process.

We have now pulled out “Ladybug Loves Red” once again for the second time around.  Next up, Oakley.

Today I was sitting in our bedroom nursing Obed before nap time when I heard Ava and Oakley in their bedroom picking out books to read.

Ava: “Here Oaks, I’ll read this one to you.”

Oaks: “Otay!”

And in comes Ladybug.  Ladybug has a yellow friend (who happens to be duck).

A: OK Oaks, what color is Ladybugs friend?

O: Duck!

A: Right!  But what color is it?

O: Really HUGE duck!

A: Yeah, but what COLOR?

O: Duck goes Quack, Quack!

A: That’s what the duck says, but what COLOR???

At this point I realize Oakley is pulling every bit of information he’s ever gathered about ducks and reciting it to Ava.  After a couple more answers, he tells her the duck is ORANGE!  No Oaks.  The duck is Yellow.

Next Page (Green Frog)

A: Oaks, what color is Ladybug?

O: Orange!

A: No not orange.

O: Brown!  LELLOW! (ie yellow)

A: No he’s not brown or yellow.  What color is LADYBUG?


A: Ladybug is RED.

On and on this goes while I’m practically DYING in the next room.  WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET THAT LADYBUG IS FREAKING RED!?!!?  I was, however, very proud that Ava never got frustrated with Oakley.  She continued very patiently (not always the case) and didn’t make him feel bad.

When we were trying to teach colors and reading this book to Ava, first time mom thoughts came such as “What’s wrong with her???  Why can’t she get these colors straight?  LADYBUG IS RED.  Is she color blind?  Do I need to bring this up with the pediatrician????”  This time around, I know Oakley will eventually get it… because Ava did.  While this knowledge makes the process no less frustrating… LADYBUG IS RED!!!!  Eventually, someday down the road, I will probably hear a conversation between Oakley and Obed that goes something like this:

Obed, what color is Ladybug?




A Day

Today has been pretty much like every other day, but there have been some things to happen that I have found funny.  Here is a list, in no particular order:

1.) Oakley and Ava informed me they were making a craft of bugs out of pipe cleaners and duct tape.  Duck Dynasty duct tape.  Yes.  We own Duck Dynasty duct tape.

2.) At lunch Oakley informs us he will fly.  Ava says he can’t.  I tell him he doesn’t have wings like a bird.  Oaks: “Yeah I do.” Me: “Where?”  Thinking he would flap his arms like a bird I waited for his answer.  Instead, he responded with “On my back!” as he pointed to where they were located.  I realize he may already have tried flying earlier in the morning as he has a big bump on his forehead after some sort of incident involving our bed.  He cried fairly hard after the incident so I never really could understand what happened.  Probably flying.

3.) Obed crawled several paces today

4.) Ava ran to answer the phone several times today.  The first time it was Daddy.  The second time I couldn’t tell who it was but she just started chatting away with whoever was on the other line.  It turned out to be our friend Patty.  The third time the phone rang, Ava ran for it calling out “I’ll get it!  It’s probably my call anyway.”  Bahahahahaha!  I guess she is waiting for a call back from Grandma.

5.) I pulled a fire truck out of the washer as I was transferring the wet clothes into the dryer.  A decent sized fire truck.  You think I would have noticed putting that thing in the washer, which leads me to think perhaps someone else put the fire truck in the washer.

6.) I found Ava and Oakley upstairs with a basket of freshly dried laundry trying to fold it.  “How did this get up here?”  “We pulled all the laundry out of the dryer and worked together to get the basket upstairs.”  Huh.

7.) Obed has a very wide smile lately.  A very wide gummy smile.  You can’t help but smile back at him because his smile is so wide.

And finally, while not today, I posted this to Facebook yesterday:

Tonight Obed ate a piece of paper. Like, not a little shred of paper, a 2×4″ piece of paper. It was on the floor and I thought “Hmmm, I should pick that up.” and two minutes later, not to be found, except for a tiny piece on his shirt… and a very suspicious grin on his face. I didn’t even know 5 mo olds could eat (ie swallow) ANYTHING besides mush, let alone a whole piece of PAPER! He also pulled himself up to standing at the coffee table.   Any hopes of this son being any less of a mischievous monkey than Oakley are quickly flying out the window.

This freaked me out a bit, because how does a BABY eat a whole piece of PAPER?!?!  So I called the doctor on call (because I’m not afraid to do that anymore) and informed him that while he was breathing fine and acting fine, could he really be FINE??  Apparently he can be fine.  He’s fine.  Obed seemed especially smug and proud of himself after that stunt.


Sweet Oakley

Oh these children of mine. I spend so much time with them, it’s easy to grow frustrated and exasperated and weary. My heart still carries wounds and scars and a heaviness sits on me most of the time. I see these precious years slipping away from me and I know they will soon be lost and I will have used them up having carried a weight around that I just want to shake off.

But every once in a while, there is something that melts a little bit of that off.

Oakley. He is full of mischief and ingenuity. He is impetuous and full throttle. He makes trouble sometimes on purpose and sometimes not; either way, trouble seems to follow him anyway. But he can be the sweetest bowl of sugar you’ve ever come across at the same time.

Dinner was almost ready. Oakley was still upstairs sleeping his nap away. It has been a busy week and he’s extra tired. Waking Oakley up takes time, especially when he’s tired and doesn’t want to wake up.

I head upstairs. He is curled up on his side, those long black eye lashes resting on his cheeks. I crawl in bed beside him, rub his back and whisper his name into his ear.

“Oakley. Oakley, Baby, time to wake up. Are you ready to wake up?”

He opens one eye and gives me a little look.

“Noooo.” And the eye closes again.

Still rubbing his back, “Oakley…do you need some kisses?”

And to that question, eyes still closed, he gets the sweetest smile on his face and gives a little nod. And then my heart melts.

I bend over and smother him in kisses, knowing there is only so long that I will be able to do so.

He gives a little giggle. However, it’s not the kisses that get him out of bed, but the realization that Ava is down stairs watching a video. But that little moment I tuck away to remember.

A few days ago, we had chili for dinner. I have two soup bowls that I made with friends, on two separate occasions at one of those paint-your-own pottery places, many, many years ago. The bowls connect me to memories of dear, dear friends and a sweet time of life. Since there are only two, Jeff and I always use the bowls and Ava and Oakley get different ones. After dinner, somehow Oakley was messing around with my bowl, it dropped and broke into pieces. I saw the pieces lying on the floor, and I told myself it was only a bowl. But now I would never have the set again and the thought of losing a memory hurt my heart. I made Oakley go upstairs and sit on his bed, which made him know I wasn’t happy. And he cried.

Tonight at prayer time, Oakley pulled his own name out of the prayer box. He got to pray first.

“Lord, hewlp Oakie sad… Mama’s gwass boke.”

This is the condensed version. It sometimes takes a few tries for Oakley to get his thoughts out but this was the jist of it. He was sad, because Mama’s glass had broken. I didn’t understand what he was talking about at first, and then I remembered. I pulled him into my arms and told him I forgave him. He then continued:

“Lord, help Mama happy… and she beautiful…I wuv Mama… and be happy and healthy.”

If I could have recorded that prayer, oh how I wish I could have. That he even remembered the bowl breaking and to pray about it… such a little guy, yet he made me feel so loved tonight.

I hope you read this someday Oakley. You are sugar and spice. You have a kind heart. How I love you baby.

Peanuts and Noses

“Mom, we have to take Oakley to the nose doctor.”

Half distracted I looked down at Ava.  “What?”

“Oakley needs to go to the nose doctor.”

“Why would he need to do that?”

“He stuck a peanut up his nose.”  WHAT?!?!


Sure enough, there stuck in Oakley’s right nostril, barely visible, was a peanut.  He was giggling the whole time and before I could do anything, he shoved his finger up his nose.  “Aaaahhhhh!  Oakley!  Don’t do that!”  Too late, the damage was done.  I couldn’t even see the peanut anymore.

I plugged Oakley’s left nostril.  Blow hard Baby.  Oakley is really good at blowing his nose and he blew hard, but nothing came out.  Next step, call the doctor.  I was quickly seeing where our afternoon was heading.

After leaving a message with the doctor, an hour later I got a call back, basically saying we had to go the the ER or an urgent care.  My assessment of the situation was that we probably would require more care than the urgent care providers could provide so we headed to the ER.

It is unfortunate that we are so familiar with the hospital.  The whole way over, Ava kept telling Oakley that they have snacks!  He would get to play with toys!  You can watch a movie!  “Ava!  Stop that!  Stop telling Oakley he’s going to get a snack… there are no snacks at the ER.”  Then she started in with “Oaks, are you scared?  It can be scary.  You’ll probably have to get a poke.”  Ava, STOP!

We arrive at the ER.  It’s pretty slow at 1:00 in the afternoon.  We get checked in.  I’m sure we look a bit odd.  Nobody is crying.  Nobody looks sick.  Nope, just a peanut in the nose.

We see the physician assistant fairy quickly.  She brings in this gigantic pair of tweezers and I’m thinking “That is NOT going to work.  That sucker is up there way too far.”  Sure enough, on to plan B.

Plan B, apparently, is for Oakley to lay on a bed, arms held down.  I am to plug his nostril and put my mouth over his nose and mouth and suck.


I kid you not, that is what they told me to do.  I must have given the lady a very strange look because she then said, “And I’ll call ENT.”  Well five minutes later, here’s Oakley on a bed, arms held down and I’m sucking on his nose.  He giggles… because apparently having your mother suck on your nose isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds?!?!  This makes the nurses giggle.  I’m not really giggling.

That was gross.  And it produced no peanut.  So I call that an epic fail.

“Huh…. that usually works.” said the doctor.  REALLY??!!

Apparently the ER has exhausted their options and they are now sending us over to the Ear, Nose and Throat people.

Obed is getting ready for his afternoon nap.  He’s getting pretty fussy.  Somewhere between the ER and the skyway to ENT, I lost his paci.  Oh this is not good.  He’s refusing to ride in the stroller so here I am, carrying a crying baby, pushing a stroller, telling Oakley to hurry up and Ava to slow down and wait for the rest of us.  I am starting to get a little frustrated with the entire situation at this point.

We arrive at the ENT office.  While the ER nurse said she called to let them know we are coming, the ENT nurse does not know we are coming.  Luckily, ENT is pretty quiet at 1:45 in the afternoon too.

Oakley climbs up into the examination chair and just sits there like a big boy.  He has not fussed once.  The ENT doctor lays out our options.  She has two tricks to try before we’ll have to just put him him under to get the peanut out.  First up, some sort of nasty something-or-another on a cotton swap gets shoved up his nose.  She said it will make his mouth taste bad.  The peanut is already causing swelling so this will help with that as well as numb the area.

First try: suction.  The suction fails.

Second try: A very tiny pick to try and pry it out.  Oakley is being a pretty good sport.  He tilts his head back.  The peanut moves!  After a couple minutes, I swear the largest peanut in the whole bag of trailmix emerges from Oakley’s nose.  Seriously, that thing was HUGE.  Either it really was huge, or it just looked huge because it was coming out of his nose.  Either way,  the peanut is out!

“Now Oakley,” the doctor says.  “No more peanuts up your nose ok?  No beads, beans, rocks, peas, or fingers either.  Deal?’

Oakley gives her his sweet smile.  “O-tay!”

And off the chair he goes, out the door and we’re on our way home.  I thought about taking the peanut with us, but no, that’s gross.

We had a successful trip the the dentist this morning, which I thought would be our excitement for the day.  No.  Peanuts and noses made for more excitement than one day should have.