Today’s Oakley Event

There are not many days that go by without an “event” by Oakley.  That kid takes life full throttle.  If I had more time, I’d record them all, because they are (or will be) funny in the long run.

Today the one goal, besides getting everyone dressed and fed, was to go to the library to return our due-today-books.  While I was nursing Obed, I told Ava and Oakley to go to the bathroom before they got their boots and coats on.  For Ava, this is not a big deal.  Oakley, on the other hand, has just recently learned how to pull his own pants and undies down and get himself onto the potty chair.  This is a big milestone that I’m happy to have reached!  Pulling his own undies and pants back up is a work in progress and probably deserves it’s own post anyway because of the comical situations that occur because of that.

Anyway, from the bedroom I call to Oakley: “Oaks! Did you get your pants down?”

“YES Mama!”

“Good job Buddy.”  I then proceed to hear him dump his potty into the toilet (always a risk) and then the sink turn on for him to rinse the potty out.  A minute later I again hear water in the toilet but I hadn’t heard the sink turn on again.

“Hey Oakley!  What are you doing?  Probably time to be done in the bathroom!” I call.  Just then, Trina comes up the stairs.

“Oakley! Stop that!”

What wonders has she found- is the thought going through my head.

As Trina came into the bathroom, she found Oakley with a wet wash cloth, cleaning his face.

Trina: “Oakley!  What are you doing?!?!”

Oaks: “Idonknow??”  (translation: I don’t know)

Trina: “Were you washing your face?”

Oaks: “YES!”

Trina: “Were you putting the wash cloth in the toilet?!?”

Oaks: “YES!”

Apparently, Oakley thought it a good time to wash his face and the UNFLUSHED toilet a good place to get it wet.

Gross.  That boy is not short on “good” ideas.  Someday his resourcefulness will pay off, I’m sure.