Potty Training – Day 1

This weekend we have decided to attempt potty training Oakley.  We do the Lora Jensen Three Day Potty Training method, which is basically a three day potty training boot camp and worked like a charm with Ava.  Since the method requires  your complete focus on the trainee, I knew we needed a block of days that Jeff would be able to be home too.  Plus, I can only watch a little crotch for tinkle for so long before starting to go crazy.  So this weekend was it.

For some reason, I had in my head that the method said that the optimal potty training time was between 18 and 22 months.  Perfect.  Oaks is just over 20 months old.  Well, in re-reading the material yesterday, I guess I was wrong!  She said the optimal time was 22 months and if earlier, then they should be waking up dry.  That’s how you can tell if they are ready.  Well, I have no idea if Oakley wakes up dry or not, he’s a month and 3 weeks shy of the “optimal” time period, but the date was already set so we have forged ahead.

The method says you need to load the trainee up on fluids so there is lots of “practice” time.  When we trained Ava, Jeff sat at her little table with her and had a three hour tea party.  It was awesome.  So we decided to try the same tactic with Oakley today.  Not such a hit.  Instead of sitting nicely and drinking his ‘tea’, he preferred to transfer his tea back and forth between his cup and the tea pot.  That quickly became too much of a mess.  I should have known better.  I took him to a tea party a couple months ago and he was like a bull in a china store.  Ava sat so nicely sipping her tea, Oakley has no tea time manners what so ever.  He’s more into trains at the moment.  Not a whole lot of drinking involved with trains, but that’s what occupied him today.

By dinner time, we had had 8 failures and zero successes.   Hmmmm.  BUT he did take a three hour nap today and woke up dry.  I’m counting that.  By the time dinner was ready I think the concept of telling us he had to go was actually starting to make sense.  Holding it until we got upstairs was a different matter.  But progress!  By bath time, he had made ONE tiny tinkle in the potty!  That counts!  Day 1 has not been a total wash!

Ava was 2 months past her 2nd birthday when we trained her.  She caught on fairly quickly.  Oakley is 4 months shy of his second birthday.  A few times today I’ve doubted the wisdom of starting this process now, but I have confidence he will persevere.  It might not be smooth sailing the whole time, but I think he’s going to get it.  Especially now that he knows he gets a gummy bear for every successful potty deposit.

Stay tuned.  Day 2 is fast approaching.