Ladybug is Red

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a green friend.  So Ladybug loves green too.

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a yellow friend.  So Ladybug loves yellow too.

Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a blue friend.  So Ladybug loves blue too.

Repeat with brown and white.  Ladybug loves all the colors.

“Ladybug Is Red”.  This is probably the most frustrating book we own.  It started with Ava.  I would read this book to her and because we were trying to learn colors, every page I would ask “OK, Ava, what color is Ladybug’s friend?”  Since she could never seem to get that straight, I thought I would simplify it.  Ladybug is red.  Ladybug loves red.  But Ladybug has a green friend.  So Ladybug loves green too.  “OK Ava, what color is LADYBUG?”  Ummmmmm…. blue.  “No.  Ladybug is RED.  Ladybug loves RED.”  What color is Ladybug?  Ummmmm….. brown!  No Baby.  Ladybug is RED.

Geez.  Ava finally did learn her colors.  Ladybug almost got tossed in the trash in the process.

We have now pulled out “Ladybug Loves Red” once again for the second time around.  Next up, Oakley.

Today I was sitting in our bedroom nursing Obed before nap time when I heard Ava and Oakley in their bedroom picking out books to read.

Ava: “Here Oaks, I’ll read this one to you.”

Oaks: “Otay!”

And in comes Ladybug.  Ladybug has a yellow friend (who happens to be duck).

A: OK Oaks, what color is Ladybugs friend?

O: Duck!

A: Right!  But what color is it?

O: Really HUGE duck!

A: Yeah, but what COLOR?

O: Duck goes Quack, Quack!

A: That’s what the duck says, but what COLOR???

At this point I realize Oakley is pulling every bit of information he’s ever gathered about ducks and reciting it to Ava.  After a couple more answers, he tells her the duck is ORANGE!  No Oaks.  The duck is Yellow.

Next Page (Green Frog)

A: Oaks, what color is Ladybug?

O: Orange!

A: No not orange.

O: Brown!  LELLOW! (ie yellow)

A: No he’s not brown or yellow.  What color is LADYBUG?


A: Ladybug is RED.

On and on this goes while I’m practically DYING in the next room.  WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET THAT LADYBUG IS FREAKING RED!?!!?  I was, however, very proud that Ava never got frustrated with Oakley.  She continued very patiently (not always the case) and didn’t make him feel bad.

When we were trying to teach colors and reading this book to Ava, first time mom thoughts came such as “What’s wrong with her???  Why can’t she get these colors straight?  LADYBUG IS RED.  Is she color blind?  Do I need to bring this up with the pediatrician????”  This time around, I know Oakley will eventually get it… because Ava did.  While this knowledge makes the process no less frustrating… LADYBUG IS RED!!!!  Eventually, someday down the road, I will probably hear a conversation between Oakley and Obed that goes something like this:

Obed, what color is Ladybug?




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