A Day

Today has been pretty much like every other day, but there have been some things to happen that I have found funny.  Here is a list, in no particular order:

1.) Oakley and Ava informed me they were making a craft of bugs out of pipe cleaners and duct tape.  Duck Dynasty duct tape.  Yes.  We own Duck Dynasty duct tape.

2.) At lunch Oakley informs us he will fly.  Ava says he can’t.  I tell him he doesn’t have wings like a bird.  Oaks: “Yeah I do.” Me: “Where?”  Thinking he would flap his arms like a bird I waited for his answer.  Instead, he responded with “On my back!” as he pointed to where they were located.  I realize he may already have tried flying earlier in the morning as he has a big bump on his forehead after some sort of incident involving our bed.  He cried fairly hard after the incident so I never really could understand what happened.  Probably flying.

3.) Obed crawled several paces today

4.) Ava ran to answer the phone several times today.  The first time it was Daddy.  The second time I couldn’t tell who it was but she just started chatting away with whoever was on the other line.  It turned out to be our friend Patty.  The third time the phone rang, Ava ran for it calling out “I’ll get it!  It’s probably my call anyway.”  Bahahahahaha!  I guess she is waiting for a call back from Grandma.

5.) I pulled a fire truck out of the washer as I was transferring the wet clothes into the dryer.  A decent sized fire truck.  You think I would have noticed putting that thing in the washer, which leads me to think perhaps someone else put the fire truck in the washer.

6.) I found Ava and Oakley upstairs with a basket of freshly dried laundry trying to fold it.  “How did this get up here?”  “We pulled all the laundry out of the dryer and worked together to get the basket upstairs.”  Huh.

7.) Obed has a very wide smile lately.  A very wide gummy smile.  You can’t help but smile back at him because his smile is so wide.

And finally, while not today, I posted this to Facebook yesterday:

Tonight Obed ate a piece of paper. Like, not a little shred of paper, a 2×4″ piece of paper. It was on the floor and I thought “Hmmm, I should pick that up.” and two minutes later, not to be found, except for a tiny piece on his shirt… and a very suspicious grin on his face. I didn’t even know 5 mo olds could eat (ie swallow) ANYTHING besides mush, let alone a whole piece of PAPER! He also pulled himself up to standing at the coffee table.   Any hopes of this son being any less of a mischievous monkey than Oakley are quickly flying out the window.

This freaked me out a bit, because how does a BABY eat a whole piece of PAPER?!?!  So I called the doctor on call (because I’m not afraid to do that anymore) and informed him that while he was breathing fine and acting fine, could he really be FINE??  Apparently he can be fine.  He’s fine.  Obed seemed especially smug and proud of himself after that stunt.



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