Always Be Prepared

Today Ava had a clinic appointment.  I’ve managed to get these down to every three months, but I still don’t like going to them.  I enjoy the staff immensely, but I still hate going.  I hate talking about blood work and glucose numbers and hemoglobin.  Mostly I hate being reminded that our lives seem to dangle in a constant delicate balance that could at any moment collapse.  My kids however, LOVE the clinic.  Love.It.  It’s because of the iPad.  They love the iPad in the waiting area and if Sarah, the child life specialist, is around, they like it even better because she has one too and then they both can play with one.  And when it’s time to leave, I have to pry them away from it.   There is usually some form of kicking and screaming.  Another reason to really not like going to the clinic.

So today was clinic day and I’m always on edge after clinic days.  On the way home Ava was a constant fountain of questions.  “Can we have a picnic at the park today?  Can we use our lunch boxes?  Can we Mom?  Can we go to the park?  Can we have a picnic??  Can we PLEASE use our lunch boxes????  MOM!  CAN WE GO TO THE PARK???”

AAAUUUGHHH!!!!  I can only take so many questions at a time.  And worse, I’ll answer a question and 2 minutes later, get the same question.  Over and over and over.  STOP!

So we go to the park for lunch.  With lunch boxes.  Mama is still on edge though.  I’m kind of like a snapping turtle at this point.

IMAG0083(Here is Oakley enjoying lunch… why are these pics so tiny??  Click on it, he’s cute!)

It’s a lovely park we go to.  Chester Park is close to our house and has a babbling stream running through it, a beautiful hiking trail in the woods and, most important to the littles, playground equipment.  It does NOT, however, have bathrooms.  It maybe has bathrooms, but not close… so in reality, we call that no bathrooms.

After eating our lunch by the nice babbling stream, Ava suddenly announces “I have to go potty!”  And because Ava has to go, Oakley then decides he has to go too.

“Ava, I told you to go before we left home.  Didn’t you go before we left??”  Snapping turtle coming out here.

“Yes, but Mama… I have to go POOP.”

Oh great.

“Can’t I just go in the grass?”

Ummm, No.

I have the fleeting thought of telling her to just hold it, but we all know how that would end.  I also know that there is a potty chair in the van.  Potty chairs… NEVER leave home without one.  And I don’t.  However, it’s one thing to have some tinkle left in the bowl to empty later… it’s a whole other ball game when it comes to #2.  The van would literally smell like a sewage dump… for sure.

Oh geez.  Do I really have a choice?  No.  No I don’t.

So up to the van we go.  Oakley sits first.  Nothing.  Well, you know, the power of suggestion is a powerful thing.  Ava’s turn next.  While she does her business, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the product.  Doggy bags!  Do they have those doggy do-do bags around??  No.  Drat.  That would have been PERFECT.

And then I spot in the seat pocket a very neatly folded Walmart bag.  I fold up my Walmart bags neatly, but my sister has this down to an art.  She can fold a plastic bag like a PRO.  And because we recently drove all the way across  South Dakota, and because she is always prepared, there waiting for me, neatly folded into a tiny square, was the answer to my prayers.  Thankfully, I also had a wet wipe.  One wet wipe.

Mental note, GET YOURSELF SOME MORE WET WIPES FOR THE VAN.  And neatly folded Walmart bags.  Definitely need more of those.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself at this point.  The van won’t smell like a sewage dump.  Ava will have clean pants.  I’m practically super mom here.

We can now proceed to the playground.  After 40 minutes or so, it starts to rain ever so lightly.  And it’s close to nap time.  “Ok kids!  Time to go home!”

Five minutes later, sitting in our drive way, it’s pouring.

Drat.  If only I had an umbrella in the car…. which I don’t.  Why don’t I ever think of these things???  That’s what Jeff’s for.  He always thinks of these things.

How do you get two kids and a baby in a car seat into the house without getting soaked?  Answer:  well, you can’t.  We sat there for a few minutes waiting for the rain to lighten up, but it just seemed to rain heavier.  Finally I decide I’ll just have to run for it and dash to the house myself and get an umbrella.  So I do.  And we still all get wet anyway.  And then, five minutes later, the sun is shining and it’s not raining anymore.  Patience really is a virtue.  Wish I had some.

And so, the moral of what I learned today:  Walmart bags… keep em handy and stashed in the van.  You just never know.  And, always be prepared.



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