Poke Pig

During Ava’s very first visit to the big city hospital after she was diagnosed, she received a stuffed pig.  This pig had an IV, heart EKG sticker, band aide, and came with a stethoscope.  The purpose of the pig was for the nurses or doctors to demonstrate any new procedures first on the pig before they were done on Ava.  I think Ava had a love/ hate relationship with Pig.  Over time, his presence in our house has mellowed and he’s adopted the name Poke Pig, because he has a perpetual poke in his arm.

I came home on Saturday from an outing to find Jeff and the kids outside playing in the front yard.  I sat down next to Jeff on the front step.

“Hey, you should take a whiff of the kids.  They smell pretty good.”

This I immediately took as an indication they had gotten into something… “something” generally being lotion based on past experience.  Well not this time.  “They found your perfume.”  Oh boy.  “Poke Pig got a pretty good spraying.

“Pretty good spraying” come to find out, means he got squirted with HALF THE BOTTLE!  Later on in the day, Jeff found an empty bottle of our “salt spray deodorant”.

“Why is this empty bottle in the hall closet?”  Jeff asked me later.

“Ummm, it shouldn’t be empty… it was the last full one we had.  AVA!!!”

Ava is still at the age where she doesn’t know how to lie yet.  If you ask her a question, she’ll give you the honest answer every time.

“Ava, what happened with this spray bottle?”

“We used in on Poke Pig.”


“Well, yeah!”

Poke Pig has been airing out in the kitchen for a few days now.  He’s quite aromatic.  You get a whiff of him everytime you walk by.  Tonight Jeff came home from work and after a few minutes in the kitchen he said, “That’s the best smelling pig I think I’ve ever smelled.”

True statement.  He will probably never stink again.


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