Potty Training – Day 3

I have realized two things… this process would be a lot easier if we had a main floor bathroom.   And, Oakley is an ornery little cuss.

This morning Oakley woke up not dry and not in the mood to participate in potty training.  He seemed to have developed an aversion to the potty chair overnight and didn’t want to sit on it at all.  He even stopped saying when he had to go potty.  However, like yesterday, he seemed to give signals he had to go every 10 minutes.  So up and down the stairs we would go.  IT’S EXHAUSTING!  Even more so when there isn’t any payoff for it.  Our book says to stay the course and try not to show frustration.  It’s a good thing both me and Jeff are home today.  Heaven help us.  We took ten minute shifts.

Oakley did have a few successes today and was pretty excited about them, but three laundry loads of failures too.  Oy.  He’s a tougher nut to crack than Ava was.

So Day 3 ends and I’d say with a definite NO, not potty trained yet.  Jeff said we have two choices:  stop now and wait two months or persevere through the week.   At this point, I think we will persevere.

Jeff is overjoyed to be returning to work.  I’m hoping for the best tomorrow.  Sheesh, wish me luck!

The real question I have tonight is… why the heck did I decided to blog about this whole debacle??


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