Best Versions

Today was a proud mama day for me.  The morning started out a little rocky, that’s because Ava has taken to whining about lots of stuff.  Today it was getting dressed.  But we had things to do and places to go, which she enjoys, so it was a minor bump in the road.  We left the house for the bank, our first stop of the day.

I was a little nervous about this excursion because it was a go-into-the-bank type trip.  Oakley runs around like a mad man and Ava can get bored and start whining (please tell me it’s a phase).  She did have a brilliant idea however about Oakley.  “Why don’t you just put him in the stroller?”  Why yes, yes I should.  Why didn’t I think of that myself?  Oakley had come with us to Ava’s eye appointment earlier this week and he sat in the stroller for a whole hour and didn’t hardly fuss at all.  I did feed him snacks the whole time, which probably helped the situation.  Anyway, keeping Oakley contained would be a big help to the experience.

So we arrive at the bank this morning.  The teller helps me with our deposit and then I tell her about the other couple things I had come in for.  Apparently we needed a personal banker for those things.  Luckily there was one available right away and we went right back into a cubicle.

Here’s where my heart burst forth with love and pride in my children.  Ava sat the whole time, which ended up being about 30 minutes, drawing on a couple pieces of paper.  She was well behaved and used a quiet voice.  Plus she drew several faces, suns, and a couple numbers, which is a new thing for her.  I was happy to see those.  Oakley also waited fairly patiently in the stroller, keeping somewhat pacified with his paci and a couple stickers.  He didn’t even scream.  I had a few left over snacks I found in my purse that he enjoyed.  (I really need to keep a supply of those in my purse.  Sheesh.)  I left the bank feeling very proud of my children that behaved so well in a boring situation.  I could tell our personal banker was impressed too.  That always makes a heart burst forth as well.

We then went to therapy, a store grand opening, and for a treat, because they had been so good all morning and because we hadn’t eaten any lunch and it was 2pm, McDonalds.

It was a slow waiting experience for our food and Oakley was not content to be held.  At one point, I found him climbing up into a booth with a couple older ladies.  I think they thought it was cute… hopefully.  He also was fascinated with a mop bucket.  It was like bees to honey for him with that thing.

Ava, who has not been eating much, ate two chicken nuggets, a couple apple slices, some fries and most of her apple juice.  Oakley ate all of his burger patty, all of his apple slices and a couple of Ava’s, and some of his french fries.  I found it funny that he seemed to like the apple slices best of all.  After a while, I let them play in the playland.  I find playlands to be just about the grossest thing ever, but they’re kids!  You can’t keep them out.  So they played.  At one point, I found Oakley with another apple slice.  Where he found that thing I don’t even want to know.  Gross.

Then, it’s time to go.  We’re getting packed up and about to leave.  I put Oakley down and before I know it, he’s bent over and has found a piece of hamburger on the floor.  Before I can stop him, in his mouth it goes.  AAAUUHHHH!  I try for all of 3 seconds to get him to spit it out then give up.  Really, the damage is already done.  And reality is, the boy has eaten poop.  Can a piece of burger off the floor of McDonalds be that much worse?  I’m not sure, and am trying not to think about it much.

In any event, my children where the best versions of themselves today (minus the eating of nastiness by Oakley, which in reality is a normality for him) and I wanted to remember it.


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