That Wasn’t Chocolate

Oakley has a little problem with needing things in his mouth.  He is completely attached to his paci… attached like I always dreaded my child being attached.  He likes to have one in his mouth and hold one in his hand, just in case.  The other day I found him with one paci in his mouth and one in each hand.  Three is too many for this mama.  He was NOT happy about giving any of them up.  He has taken to eating crayons, biting off the tips basically making them pointless… (hahaha!  That wasn’t even on purpose!)  I regularly fish out dirt, play doh and gluten products from his mouth.

This morning I was in the bathroom washing my hands and Oakley toddles in.  “Hehe!”  He wants me to notice him.  So I look down.  There is Oakley standing in the door way, big grin on his face.  He has brown spit drooling down his chin and something stuffed in his mouth.  What has he gotten into now?   In a split second I do a mental inventory of all the things he could have found.  It looks like chocolate but I don’t remember any chocolate upstairs for him to find…. OH NO!

Five minutes earlier I had brought Oakley upstairs to change his diaper.  After getting a clean diaper on him, I got Oakley dressed and set him on the floor to run around while I finished cleaning up.  I’ve started emptying his dirty diapers into the toilet once he’s changed so they don’t stink up the bedroom.  This morning was no different.  I put the used diaper off to the side to take care of later.  He’s had a problem with his dirty diapers lately.  Half the time they turn out like deer poops, little round pellets.  I left the bedroom to go wash my hands, half forgetting about the diaper sitting on the dresser… until Oakley walked into the bathroom with brown drool coming out of his mouth.

“OAKLEY!!!   JEFFFFF!  Oakley has poop in his mouth!”  Sure enough, I get Oakley to open his mouth and out comes several pellets previously found in his diaper.  Totally grossed out does not even begin to describe this.  He thought it was funny until I start wiping his mouth out with a wet wipe.  “Ohhhh, it’s on his tongue!”  says Jeff.  “We need to brush his teeth.”  At this point, Oakley no longer thinks its funny.  He doesn’t like having his teeth brushed and he really didn’t like the wet wipe.  So he starts crying with his teradactyl eating a piglet scream.  No one is happy at this point.

That sure wasn’t chocolate.


2 thoughts on “That Wasn’t Chocolate

  1. As soon as I saw the title I knew it had to be poop! I was hoping that was not the case!!! Oh man Oakley sure keeps you on your toes!!!! Love u guys! -Jess

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