6 Things I Never Knew

A few tidbits of random, yet extremely useful, information I’ve learned over the last few weeks… read and be informed my friends.

1.) Basil plants will freeze between the store and your car when it’s -10* outside.  Boo.  My poor basil plant I’ve had for two years bit the dust this month, probably due to the fact I forgot to water it one too many times.  Hooray the grocery store was selling little basil plants!  No one told me I had to cover them up to get them to the car.  The cashiers should be informed… really!  Sheesh.  Got them home and they wilted right up.  I was heart broken for several days because for most my life, I’ve just wanted to have a green thumb.  That and make a decent loaf of bread, which has also been an elusive dream thus far.  Then Jeff told me they probably froze in the car.  What?!?  Sensitive little things.  I’m still hopeful for the green thumb.

2.) Crock pot contents should boil when turned to high… and sometimes even low.  My old crock pot NEVER boiled and I didn’t know it should until my mom and sister informed me at Christmas time that something was wrong with it.  No wonder my roasts were always tough.  (I slow cooked a roast once for 24 hours and it was still tough.  What the heck?!?!  I’m glad to know it wasn’t my fault.)  So I bought my self a new crock pot and sure enough!  It boils!  I tell Jeff no less than once a week how much I love my new crock.  It’s pretty much amazing.  And red.  Amazing and red.  It’s all I ever wanted.

3.) Jeggings are the best things EVER.  I turned my nose up at jeggings when they were first introduced into the market place.  They seemed a little hoochie for some reason.  But Trina has shown me the light and I’m now a believer.  Jeggings marry my love of leggings and my dislike of jeans into one beautiful article of clothing.  $29.  Maurices.  Go get your self a pair and be amazed.

4.) Chicken broth is not hard to make.  I always thought homemade chicken broth would be incredibly difficult and time consuming.  Apparently not when you have a working crock pot.  Cook up a whole chicken for dinner in the crock, throw the carcass in with some onion, carrot, celery, and water… let it cook overnight and…  Viola!  Chicken stock!  I get the equivalent of 8 cans of stock from one chicken.  It’s amazing.  Recipe HERE.

5.) Spaghetti squash really is like spaghetti.  Like all my great health tips, I learned this from the Biggest Loser.  From that show I’ve also gleaned 101 ways to use a chick pea.  I’m like the chick pea queen… and because I’ve been so impressed by the spaghetti squash, I’ll probably be the queen of that soon too.

6.) Beet tops can be eaten.  I had wondered why they sold beets with the HUGE leaves still attached.  There’s no way those suckers are fitting in the produce bag.  It’s a pain.  So I googled it and sure enough.  Edible.  We had them for dinner last night… brats, tots, and tops.  I think that line up will be a rotation regular, mostly because I like to say it.  Jeff:  What’s for dinner tonight?  Me: Brats, tots, and tops.  Bahahaha!  That will never get old.

There you have it.  Everything I’ve learned in one little list.

***Upon reviewing my list, it appears I still have lots of room to grow regarding food knowledge.  That and I’ve come to understand the wonders of jeggings.  It’s like a whole new world opened up this month.


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