Poopy Monday

I was upstairs in our bedroom this morning when I heard splashing coming from the bathroom.  I had last seen Ava in the bathroom, on the potty chair, doing her thing.   Oakley had been with me in the bedroom but had toddled out a few minutes earlier.  He likes to be where ever Ava is.  Uh-oh.  This is not adding up to anything good.

“Hey… what are you guys doing??”  I asked as I hurried out of the bedroom.   Seconds later, here is the scene that meets my eyes.

Ava is standing in the middle of the bathroom, stark naked from the waist down, her pajama bottoms around her ankles.  She is holding a rubber ducky that looks like it may have just taken a swim in a poop puddle.  The floor of the bathroom is smeared with poo, which Ava has been industriously trying to clean up with wet wipes.  There are about 8 used wipes in a pile near the toilet.  Oakley is standing by the toilet; my guess is that he has been splashing in the water, thus alerting me to the current situation.  He has poop all over the front of his pajamas and on the bottoms of his feet, and upon seeing me, steps into the hallway for some lovin’.   AHHHHHH, NOOOO!  There is now poop in the hallway.  Ava’s business is still in the potty chair.  I return to the rubber ducky.  Why is there a rubber ducky covered with POOP?!?!?!

I’ll let that sink in for a minute….

“Don’t worry Mama, I’m cleaning it up!”  Ava’s proud proclamation while smearing more poo with a wet wipe.

A few facts that add to this scenario… Ava continues to be on a magnesium supplement.  This supplement gives her diarrhea.  We are also trying to get Ava to use the potty independently.  She has been potty trained since turning 2 years old, but using the potty on her own has been slow coming as she regained strength and dexterity after this summer.  She has been pretty enthusiastic about taking over the business of all that is potty since we instated an incentive program (a sponge capsule for every successful trip to the potty that doesn’t require assistance.)  She has taken it so far as to even emptying the poopy potty her self, which I’m not such a fan of, but don’t want to discourage the enthusiasm.

Ahhhh, hence our current situation.

“JJJEEEFFFFF!!!!  I need some help!”  Good thing it’s Monday.  Jeff comes up the stairs, stands in the bathroom doorway for a moment in disbelief… it’s like shock and awe people, shock and awe.  He then starts laughing.  What else can you do?

“One of us is going to have to get dirty.”

Where do you even start with such a mess?  Oakley was deposited into the bathtub, stripped and left contained.  I’m guessing he was the main culprit for the poopy duck.  I cannot imagine Ava thinking it would be a good idea to put a rubber ducky in a poopy potty.  Oakley however… I can see him thinking that would be a good idea.  How poop got all over the floor is still a mystery.  Perhaps they were waddling the duck over to the toilet for a wash off.  I don’t know and I haven’t asked.

Jeff got the paper towels out while I sanitized the duck.  Pajamas got rinsed and spot sprayed.  Bathroom floor and children cleaned up.  Life has resumed.

There are several bright sides to this story.  At least it wasn’t in the crib, tile is easier to clean than sheets… Ava has been trying to do things by herself!!… Jeff was home to help clean up the mess.  The moral of this story is… when in doubt, laugh it out.


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