American Housewife

Today was like a rite of passage for me.  I bought my first grown up vacuum.

I think I was about 12 years old when our family piled into our blue suburban, drove the 1.5 hours to Rapid City and got my mom a vacuum.  We went to a vacuum store and everything.  It was called the Princess II and my mom still uses it.  My biggest memory of the Princess II is that it has a compartment where you can put a cotton ball sprayed with a scent.  While the vacuum runs, it disperses the lovely fragrance of whatever scent you choose.  We had vanilla.  It was a big deal getting that vacuum.  I also remember thinking that it was pretty lame that grown ups got so excited over a vacuum.

Well, my day of lameness has come.

I’ve been wanting a new vacuum for a while.  The vacuum I currently have was inherited upon my marriage to Jeff.  Jeff got it out of a trailer house in Wyoming.  The tenants just up and left it; Jeff decided to bring it home.  I’ll admit that it’s origins did not inspire much confidence in me… not that you can’t find a nice vacuum in a trailer house in Wyoming, but more because I don’t think people tend to leave nice vacuums behind.  In any event, it has done it’s job up until a few weeks ago.  And then it started making the sound.  You know the sound… the sound of vacuum death.

So I went on the hunt for a new vacuum.  I had one major requirement besides that it suck dirt… it had to be light.  Jeff and I have had a back and forth about where to store our vacuum.  He wants it in the basement; I say “Only if you are going to be the one hauling it up and down the stairs.”  Jeff doesn’t vacuum much.  The dying Bissell is a beast.  That thing has to weigh at least 20 pounds.  I loath carrying it up and down the stairs.  So I wanted the lightest vacuum I could find.

I took a Facebook survey.  Survey said Dyson was the way to go.  Dyson was not in the budget.  So the search continued.  I found myself wishing there was a door to door vacuum salesman that would find himself at my front door.  Do they even sell vacuums door to door anymore??  They should.  The concept is brilliant.  You can test the thing out in your own house.  If someone had knocked on my door selling a vacuum in the last three weeks, they would have probably made themself a sale.  As it was, I had to resort of internet browsing.  I hate internet browsing.  I need to FEEL it, SEE it, TRY it out.  The internet said there was a Hoover that was on sale at Sears that claimed to be super light.  So today I drove myself over to Sears.  And thus ensued my first vacuum buying experience.

I entered the vacuum section of Sears soon to be spotted by Aaron, my friendly Sears vacuum associate.  I’ll say he didn’t look like the type who would be doing a whole lot of vacuuming himself, but vacuums were his area none-the-less.  He showed me the Hoover.  12 lbs is a lot heavier than you’d think.  The picture online showed a lady holding it with 2 fingers… I don’t think so.  Hmmmm, what else you got for me Aaron.

One hour later, Aaron has sold me a vacuum.  It is nothing like I thought I would end up buying.  It’s a canister vacuum.  It has a retractable cord.  I swear the thing weighs 4 lbs.  It’s neon orange…. I KNOW!  Who the heck makes a vacuum neon orange??  Who the heck BUYS a vacuum that’s neon orange??  Me I guess.

In all it's glory... the picture I sent to Jeff from Sears

In all it’s glory… the picture I sent to Jeff from Sears

Got my vacuum home and ASSEMBLED it MYSELF… no husband required.  I did have the help of Ava and Oakley of course.  They were crawling all over that thing.  Oakley doesn’t know what to think of the new vacuum.  He pretty much just stands right in the way and stares at it.  Ava has taken a huge liking to it.  She spent a big chunk of the afternoon vacuuming for me.  Granted, it was the same space over and over, but doggone, that’s one clean spot now.

Remember this day children, remember this day.  The grown up vacuum has come home.


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