Ava on the Move

Ava has learned to crawl… and life, I fear, will never be the same.

She had been working on crawling for almost a month.  Our slick tile floors deterred her for the most part and while it was somewhat comical to watch her sprawl out like a Bambi on ice, I did feel a bit bad for her.   She was trying so hard and yet so little progress was made.  Then we headed north for Christmas… to the land of fully carpeted homes.  And she took off.  We were there for all of three days and Ava was scooting around, amazed by her new found freedom and encouraged in her boldness to poke around into previously unattainable places.  By the time we left, she was a pro.  Back home in Louisiana, slick tile floors are no match for her now.  And a new era has begun in our family.  No longer is our house a touch free zone, our belongings safe from inquiring 8 month old hands.  Our morning as follows:

“Ava, don’t touch the plant.  NO.”  A look of  “What Mommy… I bad?”  She moves on.

“Ava, don’t chew on Daddy’s slippers.”  A look of  “But I like them…”  She moves on, but not far.

“Ava, don’t chew on Mommy’s flip flops.  Ishta!!” (that’s the Norwegian coming out in me)

“Ava, don’t chew on that cord!”

“Ava, no playing with the outlet covers.”

“Ava, Mommy said no chewing on the cord!!”  Apparently she didn’t hear the first time.

All of this happened between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.  This was intermittently sprinkled with activity that while not totally desirable, was not worth a “NO”.  Within that same one hour time period, Ava also  managed to pull all the cloth napkins off the bottom shelf (this occurred three times as Mommy was not smart enough to just leave them on the floor the first time).  Later, she moves onto the dish towels to which she decides to pull off the oven handle, chew on them, discard them and then drag them around with her after they got caught under her knee.  She spent several minutes looking in the dish washer.  Tried to climb into the dish washer.   Investigated a door hinge.  Made a bee-line for the refrigerator any time the door was open to see what was inside and begin pulling items out if time permitted.  All within one hour.

Watching Ava discover her world, while exhausting at times, truly is amazing.  She’s figuring things out and has a spirit of discovery and adventure that I hope doesn’t get squashed along life’s way.  As long as we can keep her from chewing on too many chords, I think she’ll be ok.


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